Whitelist Application Form

So you have read the rules and checked out our players awesome builds and you want to join our server. Super! just fill in our form for the Ops review and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Tips for filling in your form

  1. Read the rules before you start! :  Click here for the rules page
  2. Be honest in you answers
  3. Show us that you made an effort by giving detailed answers
  4. Have fun! This is a game after all and we want to know that you will be a fun person to have in our group :)


Important: We only use your email address to confirm or deny your application, we will not spam or pass on your details to anyone. If you do not wish to be contacted by email please use a different method of application (MC Forum or Twitter).


The Form:

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Your In-Game Name (IGN)

Your Age

Your Email

1. Have you ever been banned?
Yes No 

If yes, Why? (Max: 300 Chars)

2. What motivated you into joining our server rather than another?

3. Tell us about yourself. EG, what are your hobbies, favourite movies, games, etc?

4. I agree with the rules (Y/N):

Answer any five from the following set of questions:

A. How many game modes are available in Minecraft? List them:

B. Which player-spawnable mob do you think should be forbidden in the overworld? Why?:

C. Sith or Jedi? Why?:

D. List all of the ingredients for a Potion of Water Breathing + (8:00):

E. What are the ingredients for Rabbit Stew?:

F. Tell us about your relationship with Herobrine:

G. In your travels on the server you find that a player has constructed a large swastika, what are your thoughts on this?:

H. What is rule #5?:

I. What would you do or say if another member started talking about politics or religion in a way that offended you?:

J. You accidentally break another player's build while mining, what do you do?:

K. Tell us about a build that you are proud of:

L. You're driving down a long dark road and suddenly see the Ban Hammer in the rear view mirror, what do you do?: