Vanilla Minecraft with Sprinkles

Sprinkles make Vanilla Craft Safer


“If you are a vanilla server why do you use plugins at all?”

The answer is a simple but multifaceted one so I’ll break it down and talk about the different advantages for you.


1. For your peace of mind

You may have played on 100% vanilla Minecraft servers before or you may not have but the song remains the same; you work hard and spend hours/days/months on a project and a creeper, or worse, a not-so-nice player comes along and griefs, raids or blows it up.

There is nothing worse and all of our staff have been on the receiving end of it at some point so we want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you on our server. To combat this we have specially selected security and admin plugins that simply do not allow it to happen and any player griefing or stealing/raiding can be reversed by an operator/staff member.

But, wait?! Doesn’t this make it difficult to play in a vanilla way?

Not at all. All of the plug-ins that we chose have little impact and require very little interaction from the player. Most of them have no interaction with the player at all and only involve logging player actions without infringing on the overall vanilla experience.


A screenshot showing plug in information on the command line of the Vanilla Craft server2. Cheating is for chumps!

Why should someone x-ray, fly hack or cheat in items when you spend hours mining for diamonds and building with scaffolding? Well they shouldn’t – simple as that. If you want to fly and spawn items then consider joining a creative mode server.

For this reason we have plug-ins in place to disable certain cheats and to alert us to others. We very rarely have players cheat these days but when they do we always find them. We want everyone to have a fair and fun experience and for that to happen we can’t allow cheaters on our server.


3. Fun!

We have one or two plug-in that we use simply because they are fun. For example we have Skript installed which enables us to make special items for use on events. This doesn’t change any of the core game play it just takes an item and gives it a couple of fun properties.

For example: On valentines day Galelos made a command that when you typed /valentine it gave you a poppy renamed to Rose and when you right clicked it it printed text to your chat that read “Oh, this rose smells lovely” or “ouch these thorns are sharp”. You couldn’t plant the poppy or anything, it was completely unique and was deleted after valentines day.

So you see dear reader, that we love vanilla Minecraft and for you and us to enjoy it as intended on a larger scale you need to have some tools to help keep it fair.

If you have any questions about anything in this blog post please contact us via the website or tweet us @VCraftOfficial

We are always open for new players to join so if you feel like this is the server for you please read our rules and fill out a whitelist application.

~ munkytacos


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