Joining Vanilla Craft

We are a white-listed sever so you will need to read the following page carefully.

The Application Process…

  1. Have a look at the website
  2. Read the rules
  3. Fill out the application form:
    1. Via our MC forum post
  4. Wait for your invitation
  5. Join and have fun!




Q: Are you currently accepting new players?

A: Yes, we have an open application system which means that you can apply whenever you like! We do not believe in limiting the amount of players that are white-listed at any one time as we have seen that having a consistent flow of new players keeps things fresh and introduces variety in to the multi-player experience.

Q: Do you have any rules?

A: Yes, rules keep things fair and we only have a few ‘core rules’  (See below). When you enter the game you will also be issued an in-game rule book for you to read. It will contain the core rule set as well as a few other ‘server etiquette rules’ (Also below)

Q: Do you have a Team Speak channel?

A: Yes, we recently added a TeamSpeak channel to the server. You can find the details in-game by typing /teamspeak

Rules make it fun for everyone…

  1. No x-ray, flying, speedhacking, airbuilding or likewise hacks.
  2. Behave respectfully towards others.
  3. Do not break any blocks placed by others.
  4. Do not modify blocks or harm animals on others property.
  5. You are free to build in the wild, away from other builds.
  6. You may only build in a town with permission from the founder.
  7. Keep no more than 50 mobs/animals in one area.
  8. When you fill out the application include ‘bspd’ in the ‘Did you read the rules’ section