Easter Treasure Hunt Event

For those of you who couldn’t make it on to the server for the Treasure Hunt there is also a giant easter egg at spawn with gifts inside. There are a couple of rules to make it fair:

  1. You may take a mixture of items
  2. Only take up to 64 items, total
  3. Do not take all of a certain item


Hello all!

So it the easter weekend and seeming as Minecraft doesn’t have chocolate eggs I thought I’d hide treasure chests around the place!!

Tomorrow morning (GMT – Saturday 4th April) There will be a button at the main spawn dome that will tp you to the playing area. You may mine and explore to find my hidden treasure chests.

This sounds difficult right? So to help you out I’ve hidden a ‘Clue Piggy’ in the rooms with the chests, so listen out for the little oinkers because it means that you will be close to some treasure.

There is ONE very special treasure room for you to find!
2 Rare treasure rooms
4 Semi Rare Treasure rooms
8 Common Treasure rooms

Now it wouldn’t be fun if ALL the chests have treasure right? So I have also hidden 10 anti-treasure rooms too. (Dont worry there are no traps! )

So have fun and remember to save some for others too. If you have found a rare treasure room please leave the playing area for an hour so that others have a chance too :)

All the best,
munky :)