Fast Travel Stations


Four winners will be chosen (one for each direction)

  • North – Green – Desert (4000 from spawn)
  • South – Blue – Plains (3300 from spawn)
  • East – Red – Very small Plains surrounded by Roofed Forest (perfect looking spot) (4000 from spawn)
  • West – Yellow – Desert (4300 from spawn)

If you wish to travel to these locations to get an idea of the area, feel free to. Future Teleport Station areas have been marked at the approximate distances above.

In the event you have a ‘winning’ design for more than one location, one will default to the next highest voted submission. This ensures 4 separate winners.



  1. Your teleport station must include a 3×3 Nether Portal (5×5 frame)(Portal will be linked with end of Nether Hub rails
  2. A place for a button to teleport to spawn (via command block)
  3. Using the color schemes from spawn, incorporate those into your design along with the biome listed below
  4. Keep designs no larger than a 16×16 footprint (1 chunk)
  5. You may enter one design per location (up to a total of 4 submissions)


How to enter

  1. Build your designs in a creative world and submit your screenshots on the forums.
  2. All submission are due no later than December 18th, 2014.
  3. A poll will be available after that with all the submissions.
  4. Polls will be open until December 30th, 2014.



Top four designers will receive 16 diamond ore and 32 lapis ore each and their build used on our map!




  • NORTH: Ayhlanne
  • SOUTH: Mew
  • EAST: Daemiaan
  • WEST: Pako

Congratulations! and get building :D