Screenshot Contest: Web Edition 2015

Player voting has started!

Here are the finalists:

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Please choose your favorite screenshot and only vote once.

Player voting will end on: 29th May

This screenshot contest is a little bit different than the ones we have run in the past. The main aim is to get as many usable screenshots for using on this website.

I encourage you to use shaders if you can but this is not necessary to take part or win.

Please read the following rules carefully before submitting your entries:


Rules & Conditions

  • All screenshots should be of your own builds or server public builds, e.g spawn, public farms etc Not of other peoples builds.
  • Max 5 screenshots per person
  • Ops will pick 5 from the total submissions and then the players will vote on a poll for the winner.
  • All screenshots may get used on the website and Twitter



  • Submissions Open: 26th April 2015
  • Submissions Close: 10th May 2015
  • OPs picks deadline: 17th May 2015
  • Player Voting starts:  18th May 2015
  • Player Voting ends:  29th May 2015



  1. 1st Place: 16 Diamond Ore and 32 Lapis Ore
  2. 2nd Place: 8 Diamond Ore and 24 Lapis Ore
  3. 3rd Place: 4 Diamond Ore and 16 Lapis Ore

All the winners will be used on the website and Twitter for the promotion of the server.


How to submit your screenshot(s)

You can submit you screenshots in the following ways: