About the Server

What can I expect?


We have created a server for people who want one thing from their Minecraft experience: pure multi-player survival, as it was intended. Since May of 2011, when the server was launched, it has flourished and has become one of the best and renowned medium-sized Minecraft servers for Vanilla multi-player. We started out with the ideals of simplicity; we wanted to create a friendly and welcoming playing atmosphere and as a result Vanilla Craft has become a great place to play Minecraft.

Are you really 100% Vanilla?

We are as vanilla as our size will allow. What this means is we have added a few ‘sprinkles’ to make sure that the server and our players are completely safe from griefers and/or hackers.

What server Add-ons do you run?

For our continued safety from hackers we will keep some of our security add-ons undisclosed but here is a list of our current sprinkles:
  • Essentials
  • World Edit/World Guard (OP use only for grief rollbacks and the occasional ‘Golden Hoe of Smiting’ powertool >:D)
  • Dynmap (Dynamic map of server)
  • LWC (Door, chest, hopper, furnace locks)
  • PermissionsEx (Admin use for configuring Essentials, LWC and other security.)

Our Current Staff


We couldn’t run this place without our wonderful staff who give up a portion of their own play time to make sure you enjoy yours.
nacho_duck Founder/Admin Galelos Operator
blkdragon71 Owner/Admin/Head Operator ShadowLink_ Operator
circleofowls Operator Funky3000 Operator/Co-Owner
munkytacos Operator/Webmaster GELLO2000 Community Manager (CM)
daemiian Daemiian Operator

Special Thanks


Previous Staff Members (VIPs)
  • Dominicus_Saxon (Ex-Operator)
  • 0utoford3r (Ex-Operator)
  • Virtulent (Ex-Operator)
  • Zithra (Ex-Operator)
  • Dupie137 (Ex-Operator)
  • drinks_tea (Ex-Operator)
  • Qbist (Ex-Senior Operator)
  • Bigtoad (Ex-Operator)